• Architectural design, development of an architectural project from a sketch to working documentation.
  • Creation of renovation and reconstruction projects of buildings and structures, preservation of ruined objects.
  • The landscaping project, the development of a master plan, the selection and placement of small architectural forms taking into account zoning, the development of unique small architectural forms on the Customer's instructions.
  • Design and visualization of interiors and exteriors of buildings. Landscape design.
  • Building an informational BIM model of a building for automatic calculation of Types, statements and specifications.
  • Development of complex models of carving or decoration for sending to the CNC machine.
  • Departure to the object, author's supervision.
  • Russian Russian architecture and restoration lectures and seminars on the history of Russian architecture, Russian wooden architecture and restoration.
  • Production of small architectural forms from wood.
  • Designing and creating a virtual architecture for games and simulators.




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Zemliakov Ivan Sergeevich