Small family chapel for cottages.


The idea of this mini chapel was born under the impression of the votive crosses of the Russian North, on which women still hang shrouds as a gift to God. In the project of the chapel for the cottage, the shrouds were transformed into the walls of the building, and the cross became the main element of the frame of the chapel. The fabric shell of the chapel can be changed depending on the season or holiday. On Easter, the shell can be red, on Trinity Day green, etc. Here you can draw a parallel with the change of vestments by priests, or the use of lamps of different colors on different holidays. At night, the chapel, due to the candles burning in the interior, somewhat resembles a lamp.

The small chapel is designed for families who want to have an inexpensive sacred building on their dacha plot. This modern chapel can be transported entirely from place to place on a cargo gazelle. After installation on the site, if desired, a small chapel can always be moved to a new location (two people's efforts are enough for this). A small chapel for the cottage is made to order, taking into account your wishes for the type of decoration. Write to the mail, or call.