The chapel in Efimovo.


The chapel was ordered by a local priest, the technical task indicated the possibility to serve both inside the chapel and outdoors with a large number of parishioners, which determined the architectural solution. The project was joyfully accepted by the customer, but rejected by the higher management.

The place for the chapel is located at the intersection of the main streets in the center of D.Efimov, which defines the composition as a spatial dominant, which is revealed favorably in the perspective of converging streets.

In accordance with the location of the chapel in the context, the composition, in addition to the vertical development of the form, acquired a direction from west to east, converging to the apse and opening to the western part for the possibility of performing worship in the open air.

The silhouette of the western facade repeats the profiles characteristic of the architecture of the early 20th century. The western and side walls are made of forged metal fabric, ornamented with slotted crosses. This design performs not only an enclosing function, but also allows the sound of chants and bells to pass through.